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:: Sugar Cane


Salvetti Farming company is based on the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland Australia.  It is a third generation family operation with over 50 years of experience in agriculture.  It currently produces over 20 different crops ranging from Sugar Cane, Pasture Seeds, Leumes, Grains and Hay.

Salvetti Farming Company operates three properties in the Mareeba/Dimbulah irrigation area which are under full irrigation with pivots, lateral move, furrow and hard hose irrigation systems.  It's properties are located in an extremely reliable rainfall area which provides on average 100% water allocation from Tinaroo Dam.  The properties are strategically placed in the area to maximise its production range.

Salvetti Farming Co operates its farming as a sustainable production system focused on crop rotation to ensure long term soil health and has developed a diversification program to meet market and client requirements.  Its aim is to provide both an environmentally and financially sustainable operation for its future generations.